Pearly Queens and Cheeky Rascals

There’s something reassuring and fascinating about the old and new in contrast with each other. From one corner in Covent Garden and this amazing and chirpy Pearly Queen to the outskirts of Soho and this tattooed fella with his pint. Both very British and very London. Fantastic mix.Pearly QueenTattoed guy with pint


Charing Cross Railway

Charing cross railwayOn the move from South to North London I got this great capture of Lettering by the entrance to the former Blackfriars Road station in London.
The station was opened in 1864 and closed almost five years later in 1868 when it was replaced by the station now called Waterloo East. 24th November 2011.

My Beautiful London Skyline

I had a client meeting today which took me to the heights of their building and this spectacular view. With the Shard building up in the background and the iconic Gherkin and the beautiful Heron Tower in view, it was truly spectacular sight! London City Skyline

The Dame

I had a quick drink after work this evening and found a great pub in the back streets of Kings Cross. Inside this woman was having a drink to herself, all dolled up and looking like something out of the 50’s. It made me think what she was thinking about – the past, present or future and what the parallels are between her thoughts and mine. In any case it’s moments like that which ground you to humanity and our journeys in life.The Dame - Kings Cross

Black and White

It’s been a black and white day today. I like the grit of how London and especially Soho looks in mono. Tomorrow will be a day of colour vibrancy through work but in life you need to balance things out don’t you…

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A New York state of mind

Did these a while back when I was in New York on holiday. Love this city are all the different characteristics of each district.

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Blast from the past

“Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son. You never walked in that man’s shoes.”
Elvis quote 1956

Actually you can… another man’s shoe’s or even a cool 1950’s suit, at this retro fair on the South Bank.