I love you Selfridges

#Selfridges has to be one of the most inspirational retail spaces on the planet, especially if you’re a creative. From the window displays to the retail displays inside, they’ve got retail experience down to a tee and it’s constantly changing and catching the consumers eye.

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Check out this month’s window display.


Wood and Brick

Bakery IslingtonThis lovely bakery in #Islington http://blog.euphoriumbakery.com/ is a great place to pass some time and watch an eclectic mix of North Londoners. The decor is great too.

Magic and realism

Micky MouseThis is a scene from the gritty and vibrant Brick Lane in the East End. It’s a mixture of realism and fantasy, from bog rolls and phones to Fantasia. There’s tons of graffiti around this area and it’s worth a tour of all the side streets to find it. Check out http://www.ldngraffiti.co.uk/index.html for a great guide all London graffiti sites.

Westfield Stratfordcity too


Finsbury Park in the Morning

Finsbury parkJust getting used to living in North London again after a year in Kennington. Always seems North keeps pulling me back and I’ve realised it is very much part of my life. I’m enjoying having Finsbury Park on my doorstep as well, with the cyclists, runners and free exercise areas making it a hive of activity.

It’s been a hard days graft

When the day’s full of hectic activity, it’s nice to see some people take it easy. Like mindfulness and chess…chess players